Freelance_Power BI Developer (agile) (m/f/d)

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Zu besetzendes Projekt: Freelance_Power BI Developer (agile) (m/f/d)
Branche: Pharma
Fähigkeiten: Power BI, Sharepoint, Scrum, Streamlit
Projektstart: 08.04.2024
Projektdauer: 6 Monate
Auftragsvolumen: 1048 Stunde(n) 
Einsatzort: Remote

Introducing xx, a Digital Twin of the Respimat Inhaler, designed to optimize production at BI microParts GmbH (Device Center Operations)

Tackle the challenges of time-consuming end testing, material waste, and extensive

OOS (out of specification) and OOT (out of trend) investigations.

DR Twin accurately predicts successful production quality early in the process, based on the key factors of tightness and fine particle fraction. DR Twin serves as a crucial first step towards parametric release, streamlining production and reducing costs.

Four Dashboards based on PowerBI, integrated in a SharePoint page are required to meet the business requirements. Due to the needed expertise for this Project, Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is in in need of an external contractor as it does not internally exist.

3.Background to the assignment

From the beginning phase (2-4 Months) the development model is based on a classic approach that follows a detailed planning until Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has reached the first stable functionality of the framework. As reached, BI will switch to an agile method based on 4 weeks sprint as described below:


The working mode for the product development is the agile development methodology.

All services will be coordinated iteratively between the parties within the

framework of sprint meetings and implemented independently by the contractor within the sprints following the sprint meetings. The Contractor will check before each sprint meeting, on the basis of their professional opinion/skills, which individual services it considers appropriate and feasible within the scope of its commissioning in the respective sprint.

A core aspect of this methodology is that all people who are involved in a product development endeavor are self-sufficient and do not follow any instructions. The steps and ways how overarching goals are achieved can be defined by the contractor independently and individually. This special combination of know-how is not available at Boehringer Ingelheim. Due to this special combination of know-how, the external Contractor will have an outstanding position compared to the internal project staff and will perform significantly different services than the internal staff.

Iteratively (3 weeks’ timeframe) a defined scope will be commonly agreed upon which is being worked on together. The execution of the scope being worked upon will be organized by everybody individually and within the own responsibility.

Regular coordination meetings move along the proper progress where the actual tasks are handled autonomously afterwards. These are the meetings:

? Sprint Planning: Every three weeks for about 2-3 hours in total at the beginning of the iteration

? Sprint Review I+II: Every three weeks for about 2 hours at the end of the iteration.

? Sprint Retro: Every three weeks for about 2 hours at the end of the iteration

? Daily meeting: Daily Scrum for 15 and Post-Daily Scrum for 15 minutes

? Sprint refinement: Individual meetings during the iteration of about 2-4 hours


After the Sprint Planning the contractor will be working iteratively on this task.

The person will take the role of a Developer.



• Writing custom code to fix bugs in existing applications and adding features to new applications.

• Communicating with other members of the development team about progress, issues, or changes that need to be made

• Reviewing code written by other developers for possible bugs or security issues.

• Performing quality assurance testing on applications during development and after release to ensure they work as intended.

• Creating new applications from scratch based on design specifications provided by xx.

• Analyzing data to identify trends or patterns that could indicate problems with the software or identify opportunities for improvement. Analysis is based on technical expertise.

• Recommending improvements to existing processes and procedures to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. The Analysis will be based on best practices and the contractor’s own expertise.

• Technical Consulting of designers to create user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use.

• All work, code, and documentation will be overturned to xx in Sharepoint for review and further usage.



  • At least five years of experience in the IT industry as a developer or programmer.
  • PowerBI, Streamlit, sharepoint are required skills (5+ years of experience)
  • UI / UX experience and understanding of the frequently used terms is a plus.
  • Understanding Descriptive statistics and ideally control charts and advanced visualization techniques.
  • Strong English communication skills required to talk to the customers about UI/UX and FE-functionalities.
  • Strong ability to understand FE related user requirements and a way of working that enables a strong delivery culture of increments.
  • Strong knowledge about Data-Land components and how to represent the data and figures.
  • Delivery mentality and understanding of / focus on end-user requirements.
  •  Proof that they have built complex web applications

If the project is of interest to you, I would be pleased to receive your most recent CV, your hourly rate and key points as to why you are the perfect candidate.


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Lara Opladen
6 Monate
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