Temporary Employment for Qualified Specialists

Temporary employment provides highly qualified life science experts for organizations requiring support.

Temporary Employment Aristo

 Matching Life Science Specialists and Organizations with the Help of Temporary Employment Models

Temporary employment allows organizations to react to new market and operational changes quickly and flexibly. Our consultants have a holistic overview of current developments and available experts to find the ideal candidate to support your business with extensive expertise and industry know-how. 

Temporary Employment in Germany

Similar to the contracting model, temporary employment allows organizations to work with industry specialists and managers for temporary projects or outstanding demands. In this case, the specialists is a permanent employee of the Aristo Group with an employment contract. For the required period of time, the expert will be lent to the organization to support with his knowledge and experience.

Temporary Employment in Switzerland

The Aristo Group is licensed to provide temporary employment in Switzerland, which allows us to also bring self-employed specialists from neighboring countries for temporary projects to Swiss organizations. Labor leasing helps bringing highly qualified experts from the EU/EFTA to Switzerland without the restriction of 90 working days. In conclusion, the specialists are able to support also long-term projects.

The Benefits for Organizations and Specialists

For Life Science Experts

  • Flexibility: Freelance specialists can preserve the self-employed status while being able to work in Switzerland for an unlimited time.
  • Diverse experience: Insight into different organizations and structures
  • Promising future: Extensive development opportunities in leading life science organizations

For Clients

  • Versatile experience: The specialists bring extensive experience in innovative projects from working for a variety of different life science organizations
  • High flexibility also in challenging times: no minimum term and flexible time periods
  • Legal Safety: No risk regarding the compliance or self-employment status. The expert can be integrated into the organization’s infrastructure and team.
Temporary Employment 1
Finding the Perfect Match
for Temporary Employment with the Aristo Group

In the context of temporary employment, we support companies in reacting quickly and flexibly to new developments on the market or operational changes. Our consultants have a comprehensive overview of our available experts and can find the right candidate for each company, who can support them with a wide range of specialist knowledge and expertise in the industry.   

Temporary Employment 2


The Aristo Group is Your Performance Partner

We focus on an efficient cooperation with our clients and candidates and strive for long-term partnerships.

You can rely on your personal point of contact throughout the entire recruiting process and beyond.

Temporary Employment 3


The Aristo Group is Your Timesaver

We plan our processes tailored to your individual needs: our extensive market knowledge allows us to quickly react to urgent requests.

Considering current life science trends, we find the perfect match between clients and industry experts quickly.

Temporary Employment 4


The Aristo Group is Your Expert Magnet

We collaborate with highly qualified specialists and leading organizations to foster innovation and progress in the life science industry. 

Based on our longstanding experience, we can guarantee a perfect fit and provide the ideal specialist even for complex or rare demands.

Our Fields of Expertise in the Life Science Industry

Animal Health


Chemical Industry

Food & Nutrition

Medical Technology

Pharmaceutical Industry

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 APSCO Germany

APSCO Germany (Association Professional Staffing Companies) is the German association for the recruitment industry. Members are international and domestic personnel agencies based in Germany.

The association represents the interests of its members with regard to the Code of Conduct and lobbying and has set itself the goal of making the professional profile of the personal consultant more familiar in Germany. Aristo is a founding member of APSCO Germany. Our management is in the Committee of Representatives.


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The Alliance for Independent Knowledge (ADESW) connects leading service providers with highly qualified, independent knowledge workers, as well as associated partners, such as The Association for Mechanical and Plant Engineering (VDMA). The member companies employ more than 4,500 permanent employees. The sector turnover with self-employed knowledge workers amounted to more than 15 billion euros in 2015. On an annual average, the Alliance members jointly fill more than 20,000 projects with independent experts. More than 5,000 customers, among them well-known Dax companies, numerous SMEs and start-ups, as well as federal authorities and other public contracting entities, benefit from this expertise. 


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